Thursday, January 3, 2008

Thank you Jesus for John Schuessler my blessed friend

There is no better start for a year than starting with prayer. I wish I could have said I started that way. I was rather thinking on my friend John while driving past the bridge over the highway nearby the house where I live. I saw fancy fireworks afar but it didn’t matter. I was heading home.

It is interesting that a couple of weeks before I almost got hit on the road ahead of me by a guy who was swerving toward me. I pulled over into the shoulder and then I continued traveling home with my heart still pounding and thinking that that could have been my last drive home –the road speed limit is set at 65 MPH. When I got home I did not say anything to anybody and went home to sleep. I was greatful to God that He spared me that time.

Language fails many times in letting us convey what our hearts think. What do I mean by God sparing my life? Is life on earth to be desired more than to be with Christ? I guess there are no simple answers to that. Yet one thing I know. That ‘no good thing does He withhold from those who walk uprightly’.

Today reading my e-mail correspondence with John, one of his letters stood out to me. I guess I had left it as 'unread’. So I read it again and this line hit me: “I hope we will still be friends until we go home with the Lord”. I just smiled and thanked God for his life, for blessing me with the friendship and love of this blessed friend. How can one summarize in a few words a life lived to the full! But let me try and say it like this: John’s whole life was Jesus.

Now Father, I pray to you: teach me to speak with such passion for truth and tenderness of spirit that my love for you, your people and the peoples of this earth grow to new heights this year 2008. I make no resolutions but I cast myself on your unmeasured grace.

For who can grow this love in me but You?
And then when on That Day
I’ll see You face to face Beloved Friend,
my joy will be complete at last!
My eyes will look for You,
my head I’ll lean on You and then
what else I’ll do I do not know.

And then on that great cloud,
of witnesses and saints,
I’ll see him run again,
embrace me like a bear,
and then we’ll cry with joy
partaking on Your feast
You’d made for those You loved.

Thank you Jesus!